How I have been Thriving…

Yesterday we were given some really good results on my latest MRI scans from this week. The surgeon said that I should continue doing whatever I am doing since it’s seems to be working extremely well… he actually used the words “this is phenomenal, keep it up”.

Happy family supporting Movember!

I started this blog to help people so I figured I would list a few things that I have learned and really focused on over the past 8 or 9 months since being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

I’m not saying everyone should do these things or saying they shouldn’t, I’m simply throwing them out there incase someone is looking for some guidance on where to start with their wellness and if they are battling a tough illness. So here goes…

  1. Be your own Health Advocate – Don’t settle for anything that ANYONE tells you if you don’t agree with it. Do what your intuitions tell you and follow your heart! I’ll leave it at that 🙂
  2. Eat a Sugar/Fat free-ish diet – This is not easy at all when you first start. Sugar is addictive and really hard to avoid, but you have to try your best if battling Cancer – I don’t have all the research, I just have read many times that cancer cells feed and grow and multiply on sugar, so I’d say it’s a good reason to not eat it if at all possible!
  3. Eat and “drink” Greens Galore – When I started my research, I read over and over, that we need to eat more greens to our balance our ph levels so we can fight off virus’ and illnesses, so I slowly started shifting that way (we were close to being vegetarians even before this so it wasn’t hard to make the changes). Then I started reading more on juicing greens and wheatgrass. I personally think this has made a huge difference in my thriving the past few months! I try to juice everyday now and I’ve just started growing and juicing the super green wheatgrass! I feel great every time I drink a green juice/smoothie or wheatgrass – they will be a staple in my life forever.
  4. Eat Gluten Free & Dairy Free – Simply do some research on these 2 beauties and you’ll find out why it’s not good to eat either of these (for anyone in my opinion, just saying). This was easy for me, I was already Lactose and Gluten intolerant. If you plan on eating either, try to keep them to a minimum  and make sure you know where they are coming from and what is going in them.
  5. I practice Yoga/Meditation/Manifesting – These 3 things really help me stay centered, fit and focused. I can’t believe how powerful our thoughts can be. Negative thinking or positive/manifesting can make a world of difference for anyone in any situation!
  6. I have unbelievable support – My family and friends have been amazing through this entire time. It’s not easy on anyone so I will be FOREVER grateful to everyone who has helped out or even sent me positive vibes and/or thoughts. I haven’t been able to drive the past 8 months so I’ve needed a lot of drives to many appointments! Not only that, but someone was always there for me to talk to if I needed support or just a hug. I really think we ALL ARE IN THIS TOGETHER and all the positive vibes from others has helped me. You know who you are and I love you!

5 thoughts on “How I have been Thriving…

    1. Cool… it shouldn’t be but it is in our culture. When I lived in Mexico for a year I really liked the affection they show to each other… it’s really nice and I think it could help us here!

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