Music is gooooood medicine!

Who doesn’t love music? I think EVERYONE I know is touched by music one way or the other. If you are going through a difficult time it’s even that much more important. Some days when you feel down or angry and you just need that right song to pick you up (or get that frustration out) it can really help to crank up some tunes and let it go!

I heard Kris Carr say that she tries to dance to at least one song a day to help her feel good and get things moving! I think this is a great idea and I’ve tried to also do this throughout my recovery (I’ve been slacking lately, I better get shaking it again)

Here are 2 fantastic sites that have really helped me just when I need the right boost or when I need the right music to chill to. If you are into music and haven’t checked them out, you really have to! I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Grooveshark – is a fantastic site for building your own playlists and/or listening to other people’s playlists with similar interests.


Songza – is a probably my favourite site on the Internet. I use it everyday from all of my devices. You can use the Music Concierge to help you find the right station or you can even pick a station by the way you are feeling (how cool is that!).

How does Music help you and get you moving in your day to day life? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t be shy to share any other sites that you also use for music, thanks!

Lots of Love,


4 thoughts on “Music is gooooood medicine!

  1. Hey Adrian, it’s good to find another Adrian with an interest in music! Music is my passion – I play violin at school, outside of school and every Sunday at church. I just enjoy sharing my talent with others and enlightening them 🙂 Also, I love listening to music as there is something for every mood. Whether that be if I’m happy, if I’m sad, if I’m angry? It’s there to solve my problems when words can’t! Brilliant post 🙂

  2. Adrian, take a look at the wife’s web site at If you like what you hear, I’ll dropbox you all the music from both CDs to help you with continued healing.

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