Wheatgrass adventure – Update 2

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We are 3 days into our wheatgrass growing adventure and things seem to be coming along quite well. Other than the first day when I added water and it kinda flooded the tray I had it on, everything seems to be growing properly (as if I know, this is my first time trying this!).

Today is the last day we leave them covered for the day and then tomorrow I take off the top (removed in the photos) and let it grow for another 5 or 6 days – or till the grass starts to “joint” – which means a 2nd blade of grass will begin to grow. After that it’s time to harvest and drink some powerful nutrients to clean and HEALLLLL the body 🙂

I’ve shared some links below if you’d like to read up more on wheatgrass and its major benefits for our wellness.

Here’s another video that explains it all very well, if you’d like to learn more about how good it is!

Stay tuned for more in the next day or 2, thanks!


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