Coffee, good or bad? The jury is still out, what’re your thoughts?

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Seems these days, almost everyone has a view on whether coffee is good or not so good for our health and wellness.

Like a lot of things, I believe it comes down to each one of our unique wellness needs. For some, a cup of coffee in the morning probably isn’t a bad thing (although, it’s easy to overdue it, I used to a lot of the time). However, if you have any issues with Anxiety, Acid Reflux or IBS then it’s probably not a good idea to drink much Java or any at all (even decaf coffee and tea can be harmful for your system).

Something to keep in mind is that Coffee is very acidic (-25.1) so if you are shooting for an Alkaline based diet then you want to definitely keep it to a minimum or eliminate it from you diet. Green Tea is a great substitute with many health benefits (including a better ph level).

It seems to have work best for me to eliminate Coffee from my days. I used to have some minor anxiety issues and I’m also in hardcore Cancer Prevention mode so I don’t need the acidic ph levels added into my system. I may someday go back to 1 or 2 cups every so often but at this moment in my life, I don’t miss it at all. I drink a cup or 2 a day of Green Tea and it seems to be working well for me.

Just something to quickly think about while you are grabbing your next cup of Joe (or Tea).

What are your thoughts on coffee and it’s risks and/or benefits? How many cups ‘o Joe do you swig down in a day? Please let us know below in the comments, thanks!

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11 thoughts on “Coffee, good or bad? The jury is still out, what’re your thoughts?

  1. Been thinking about this for awhile now. But that is all I have been doing…still drinking my two cups of coffee a day. When I am drinking coffee, I have been able to keep my ph level, which makes me think I can continue to do so, as long as it is quality coffee.

    However, I am quite confident I could go to tea because, I think the main reason I drink coffee in the AM is for that warm drink that I like to have then.

    So if it was tea or coffee I don’t think it would matter. I mean if I can cut meat almost completely out of my diet, why not cut coffee out???

    Good post and the biggest reason I would cut it out is to lower the acidity in my daily diet.

  2. I’ve never had a cup of coffee or tea. I don’t like the hot drinks… except the odd hot chocolate in the winter.
    I need to learn more about acidity levels and I also need to track my diet. I’m terrible. I track every workout down to the time, weight, reps and my bodyweight, but not my diet. Pretty shameful of me to do all of that work and not ‘finish’ the job by tracking my diet.
    Well, I guess I know what my New year’s resolution will be for 2013!

    1. Yes, getting OCD about it and getting down on yourself won’t help… in fact it would probably cause more health problems then if you just didn’t track anything 🙂

      Best of luck, let us know if you have any questions. Not that we are experts but we are learning more and more everyday also.

  3. Well I am totally baiased, however Since I have had coffee as a part of my daily life, my anxiety has increased. I drink a lot of coffee, I can’t even write it as you will be shocked. I have started to cut back and replace with decaf green tea, Lotus Tazo Tea. It will be something I will work towards.

    1. That’s good you realize that you probably drink too much coffee. That’s probably half the battle – do you still work for the mothership coffee corporation also? I’m sure it would be just about impossible to quit if working for an organization like that!

      Take care, good luck with your journey towards Tazo Tea 🙂

  4. I gave up coffee cold turkey on September 9th. I had been having probably 4-6 cups a day for 20 years before then. My drive to quit was the caffeine addiction. I had decided that I wanted to gain a neutral position, health wise, to see where I was at with no interfering chemicals apart from the ones my body created naturally.

    Since then, I’ve noticed that I’m decidedly less crabby towards my wife and kids. That’s probably because as a side effect of not having coffee I’ve begun going to bed at an earlier hour because my body actually requires the sleep I was starving it of before. I went through a bit of a withdrawal the first two or three days (day two was a nightmare), but since I haven’t had a problem.

    I still want one really bad, and have been tempted terribly to just have one. Instead, as a hot drink I’ve switched to either white tea at home (very low caffeine), or hot chocolate when out. I think the comfort of a hot drink was part of coffee’s allure.

    1. I basically quite cold turkey also a few months ago (although I had one today, half dark beans/half decaf).

      I’ve also noticed that I have felt healthier and less agitated. I’ve found a great substitute is Green Tea and I really enjoy the taste of it in the morning. Basically, my wife goes for her coffee and I grab my Green Tea. I also agree that it’s the hot drink temptation that might be what people like more than they realize. I don’t miss it much at all, even though I still love the smell of coffee brewing in the morning. Take care!

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