Listen to your body… you might just thank it!

My goal for this blog is to add at least one post per day. As you can see I slipped up and didn’t post anything for a couple of days. Sorry, however, I can explain and that leads me to this post about listening to our bodies.

On Thursday, I started my second round of Temodal, Chemo (pill form) to help recover from the brain tumour that was removed from my noggin (sp??).

I am very lucky to not have many side effects… other than the Fatigue. Some have it badly with nausea and many other issues but my only issue seems to be fatigue (and a little crankiness to go along with it – I am sure my wife Brittany would agree with that! lol)

This brings me to the point of this post (finally), that we really need to listen to our bodies. I thought I knew what this meant before but now, I REALLY get it. My body the past few days has been telling me to rest and take it easy. Even when I really wanted to get up and try to do things, I just had to rest.

So, if it’s a Friday night and you feel like canceling those plans and taking a nap, do it. If it’s Wednesday afternoon and you need to take a break from things and spacing out for a few minutes (even at work), do it!

You and your body won’t regret it! How good are you at listening to your body? Let us know down below in the comments section, or if you have any tips that we can use to help us more, thanks!

Lots of Love,


6 thoughts on “Listen to your body… you might just thank it!

  1. It doesn’t always have to be listening to your body to take a nap or relax… sometimes our bodies tell us to get off our butt’s and go for a walk or run, etc. Somedays when I’m sitting around, I can feel the urge to get outside and go for a walk. I usually do that when the urge comes on and usually feel much better for doing it!

  2. Definitely listen to your body, however, like most anything it requires discipline. Haha, Maurice will like that.

    I guess what I am saying, is don’t use your body as a scapegoat to do or not do things. 😉

    If you think your body is saying your tired and you are supposed to exercise, I think it is important to do your activity, maybe not as intense and then rest.

    Or maybe you think your body is telling you should have that Big Mac or drink those 8 beers. That is fine if you do, but don’t continue to use your body as your scapegoat.

    Am I making sense or just talking out my ass??? Probably the latter. 🙂

    1. That’s a great point (did I just say that??)… it’s easy to get into the habit of “listening” to your body too much for things that aren’t good for your wellness.

      Everyone needs to be honest with themselves when listening to their bodies!

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