Our Vitamix has arrived!

Today is a very exciting day here at our house… our Vitamix (a.k.a. blender on steroids) has arrived! I’ve been waiting (impatiently) for it to arrive for a couple of weeks and it showed up yesterday!

Anybody who wants to get into juicing and making amazing smoothies (we just had the Banana, Orange, Carrot one and it was delicious!). From what I can tell you can also blend just about anything else you want in the Vitamix. I’ll leave you with a quote from the Vitamix site that should make you want to get one (even though they aren’t cheap). It’s a great investment towards your health!

Create every course of your home-cooked meal from frozen drinks to creamy desserts in minutes. The Total Nutrition Center is the universal tool for family meals and entertaining.

Create smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts with a single machine.

Anyone have some recipes they want to share? Now, I can wait impatiently for Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen to arrive!

Happy Juicing everyone!


3 thoughts on “Our Vitamix has arrived!

  1. Oh my! I was about to upgrade my GE blender to a Breville Juice Fountain. And then I saw the self-cleaning video for the Vitamix! SOLD!! 🙂

    So glad I read this post. Hope you’re all doing great!

    Cheers from Ottawa, Colleen

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