A quick, early morning Alkaline boost?

Hey everyone,

I’m all about balancing my pH these days. It’s proven, that when you have your pH in balance you have a much better change of fighting off virus’ and more importantly illnesses (and who the heck doesn’t want that?).

Something that seems to be making a big difference for me, first thing each morning, is grabbing a large glass  (nalgene bottle for me) of water and squeezing some lemon into it. As you can see from the chart on the site I linked to above lemon has an Alkaline value of +9.9.

It’s a great way to get some early morning alkaline in the system before you eat! It’s also great to have green juices and smoothies in the morning also but they are a little more work. This is a great way to get some alkaline, even if you are running out the door to work, etc.

FYI – I usually check my pH levels the 2nd time I go to the washroom in the morning. All you need is to purchase some pH strips like these ones here and you’re well on your way to monitoring your pH levels.

Hope it helps, lots of love.


6 thoughts on “A quick, early morning Alkaline boost?

  1. What I used to do, but have gotten away from it recently…not sure why. 🙂 But I would drink a large glass of water with lemon like you said. Then I would do a breathing exercise…good for your lymph nodes

    Deep breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 16 seconds and then release for 8 seconds. Do that 10 times.

    After you finish that, have another glass of water without the lemon. When I was doing this my ph level was off the charts!!!

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